DNA Sequencing & Molecular Diagnostic Kits

Researches on DNA have unearthed new vistas of possibilities and opportunities. GenieBio Cop. has been a part of the boom as an international development, manufacturing and sales and marketing business in the field of food testing, molecular diagnostics and DNA analysis, sequencing and bioinformatics. The company is committed to great service, quality, competitive price, and best client partnership. GenieBio Corp., is renowned for its bio-engineering products and has set up state-of-the-art robotics and instrumentation with an aim to provide high –quality DNA sequencing at reasonable prices.

Molecular Diagnostic Kits are one of the signature products and command respect in the diagnostics market. These include human, plant and animal pathogen detection, cell culture detection, water and food bone detection, quantified DNA standards for pathogens. DNA Sequencing Companies provide services to establish the order of nucleotide bases like adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thymine in plasmid and genomic DNA molecule. The process requires a DNA sequencing kit including, two-dimensional chromatography, fluorescence based sequencing equipments and reagents. The idea is to establish the sequence of individual, large genetic or entire regions.

The company has a merit of sequencing thousands of PCR products, BAC’s, and plasmids. With an impressive turn-around time and high-quality results it is considered a leader in world market. Click here to view our Sitemap page.