Molecular Diagnostic Kits

Molecular Diagnostic Kits make an important tool in research organizations, scholastic institutes, laboratories, and hospitals. Since it is used to conduct tests in animals, plants and humans, and the results from kit are basis for medication, and research, it is imperative the product is of highest quality, adhering to the governmental standards and with accurate calibrations. As a leading Molecular Diagnostic Kits manufacturer in Korea, GenieBio Corp. offers diagnostic kits which meet all required standards and offer accurate results. These are easy to use with proper instruction manuals, and built as per human body specifications thus curtailing the risk factors associated with accidental slips or handling.

GenieBio a well known bio-engineering products manufacturer in Korea, with the aim to serve the bio-scientific community with the best products and services. In doing so the company has realized the importance of constant innovations and staying up with the newest in technology and bio-science. The staff is dedicated and committed to the purpose. Constant effective training sessions are arranged for them from the industry stalwarts. Machinery and equipments used in the manufacturing facility are sourced from corner to corner of the world and are always the latest and exalted versions not to forget their being environment friendly.Click here to view our Sitemap page.